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    Aetna Ningbo Logistics Limited (Mr. 13,566,529,420 Yi 26297257 QQ: 1398131784) is the approval by the Municipal Transportation Authority franchise road lanes moving / company since its inception always adhere to the standardized management, human services, to Rao Feng, pragmatic , prudent management style, always fulfill their commitments, so as to expand the development of enterprises laid a solid foundation, through our continued efforts have established a complete management mechanism and service system, and "high-quality, safe and efficient" service the company quickly the community widely recognized, after 10 years of trials and tribulations, has now developed into a struggle with a number of vehicles 10T, 8T, 5T, 12m, 10m, 9.6m, 7.2m large truck and the city's modern small lift trucks cargo business. Ya'an pray for the earthquake victims == Chinese people are the strongest headquarters is located in Harbin, excellent geographical environment for the company to provide more opportunities to work closely with the High-Tech company, business scope expanded to more than thirty provincial capitals nationwide city, now the company has formed a set of road transport, air freight, warehousing cargo handling, packaging, processing in one of the third-party cargo business. Ningbo Aetna Logistics Co., Ltd. has a group of young, vibrant and dynamic master of information management staff. More than ten years, to create "young, information technology, branded" freight services provide intellectual support, the company has scientific management, standardization of professional service and reasonable transportation price, good corporate reputation is active in our shipping industry forest. Contract nationwide road transport of goods, we help of powerful information service platform and network advantage, quickly erected and secondary urban goods transport market, to achieve a crisscross the country between the cities, the real three-dimensional Cargo Express, customers can provide direct arrival gate, door to door distribution business. In order to continue to regulate, strengthen and expand brand awareness, and gradually establish Shenda brand in the eyes of customers' safety, quality and efficiency "of the corporate image, we took the lead in the industry through the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system, respectively, for customers to build archives, business consulting, to track return visits, receiving customer feedback comments and suggestions. Introduction of computer management and automated inventory management systems. Now has more than 2,000 the number of customers, long-term cooperation agreement signed more than 500 customers. 3. Aetna Ningbo Logistics Limited is one A320 airliner silence! 24 am local time, German Wings Airline numbered 4U9525 Airbus A320 aircraft, in southeastern France, the Alps in the south elevation of about 2000 meters of snow crashed into a mountain, 144 passengers and six crew members were killed fear (According to Phoenix on the 25th morning news, accident flight has been confirmed no survivors). The plane flight about 10:00 local time from the northeastern city of Barcelona, ??Spain took off and went to the western German city of Duesseldorf, the original range of about a half hour. Germany's answer Wings Airlines spokesman Xinhua News Agency reporter's question, said the reporter conference held in Cologne on the 24th, the airline no Chinese passenger airliner crash in France. Chinese Embassy in Germany to German Wings Airlines parent understanding of the situation is no Chinese passengers on the machine. A news conference that the crashed plane carrying 144 passengers, including two babies and 16 students, and six crew members, including two pilots. Aetna Logistics Co., Ltd. Ningbo Logistics and nearly 100 domestic famous large industrial and commercial enterprises to form a strategic alliance to provide their goods and raw materials, parts procurement, storage, packaging, distribution, information services, systems planning and design supply chain integration integrated freight service. Transport of products related to electronics, fitness equipment, chemical raw materials, newspapers and magazines, computer parts, cosmetics, office supplies, furniture and equipment, seeds and other freight transportation, warehousing cargo handling, packaging and processing. By integrating freight resources with other lanes were moving to establish a long-term cooperative relationship, we will new and old customers of the goods "safe and efficient" delivery across the country to provide security for the old and new customers, quick and thoughtful service. ? Service standards: - Pick: The company received a customer commissioned arrange relevant personnel within an hour, pick up. Shipping: All goods are in accordance with the different modes of transport on the station that day, the day of departure. Delivery: immediately after notification to the consignee of the goods, on time delivery. Packaging: Packaging icon in strict accordance with the requirements of packaging, sorting. 4. Business: to undertake moving and freight, warehousing and temporary storage, transit, following a vehicle, LTL business, cargo insurance, packaged goods, build a closed, semi-closed, carton packaging, wooden packaging for individuals? ? and long-distance moving company business, valuables, exhibition materials, flexible packaging fragile goods transport, handled, such as pictorial, painting and hand painting, packing and shipping business \ ordinary, senior cosmetics; piano professional handling, packaging and transportation business, professional Small moving freight business development goals: the implementation of modern science and cargo development strategy, integrated functional cast supplier brand. Cargo business purpose: the obligation to root cast freight famous, people-oriented industry-leading innovation. Freight way they operate: network transport, full track the entire process. Freight Service Features: operate the information network, the sensitivity of the fast response capability. Moving spirit: unity and innovation, loyalty and pragmatic. Service standards Pick: The company received a customer within two hours arrangements entrusted to the relevant staff pick. ? Shipping: All goods are in accordance with the different modes of transport on the station that day, the day of departure. ? Delivery: immediately after notification to the consignee of the goods on time delivery. ? Packaging: Packaging icon in strict accordance with the requirements of packaging network or via fax, phone-time feedback to, the arrival of the carriage of goods, the transit operation and shipments, increase operational transparency, free from worry. Ship every single goods will be provided by the customer, in the day of arrival of goods and other customer contact, inform each other and accurate delivery time by fax, or mail. Truck with customer feedback alone, to keep abreast of the transport process of comments and suggestions, you can check back orders, while building customer profiles, customer visits cards, regular visits to customers, understand customer requirements, improve our quality of service. Strict internal management, clear division of labor, with a chain, each single goods are recorded in detail, step by step all sectors signature verification, and finally by the operations department specific operation, full follow-up by the customer service department. Has a driver file, can provide effective, copy and contact telephone freight drivers at any time. Strict management, attention to internal training, employees can do as the customer is everything to us, depending on the goods to private property and to provide the best protection and services. The company operating a comprehensive quality of personnel, is available on request in a timely manner for each small part of the customer, saving and efficient services. The company built a complete set of freight workflow system from loading, in transit, feedback and notice of arrival are specifically responsible for timely and effective to deal with specific issues, the 24-hour Chinese People's Insurance Company of insurance agreement Unit , will be given insurance, a separate policy. Four advantages:? From door to door - just a phone, all fixed up for you, sit at home body and goods in the country to go fast speed - start on time every day, never late, anytime, anywhere and trucks to maintain close? ? Contact the person responsible - by hand every single business negotiation ,, feedback, one vote in the end checkout Flexible -?? COD bulk cargo can be signed "long-term contract of carriage" knowledge management based on modern cargo for Ya'an Earthquake hit people praying == stage of development the Chinese people is the strongest reason 1. freight management has gone through three stages of development, namely the traditional freight transportation stage, systematic freight phase and freight information stage. The product of traditional warehousing and transportation enterprises are mostly planned economy era, the main material based industries or business enterprises to provide warehousing and a small amount of short-distance transport services, and warehousing and transportation as two separate areas, the commodity stocks look as the primary means of regulating supply and demand. Therefore, in the conventional stage freight transportation, cargo features a simple, single business, labor-intensive, generally low economic returns. Systematic freight phase includes not only the storage and transportation of two aspects of the previous stage, including handling, packaging, distribution processing, distribution, information processing and a series of links, including the overall freight system, each link and freight activities as are interrelated, interacting organic whole theory, the use of the system as a whole in the management seeks to optimize the shipping process, thereby enhancing the economic and social benefits of the freight system. ? The third stage, freight information stage in the application of information technology is an important symbol to achieve standardization of information and database management, information dissemination and collection of information electronically, business processes electronically. 2. From information management to knowledge management incentives in the competitive market environment, shipping enterprises are facing a growing number of uncertainties, the market situation is constantly changing, development and application of advanced cargo information system for the development of freight companies will undoubtedly provide a favorable stand by. Freight information has cargo information through the network so that members of the freight at all stages of real-time information sharing, improved temporal effects of cargo systems, to enhance rapid response capacity of freight transport system and many other advantages. However, since the information managed objects there is an inherent limitations, it is difficult to achieve the goal of intelligent cargo systems, the more difficult to bring innovative value of the freight system. Only through innovation, freight companies to create a competitive services and products, in order to obtain rapid development of enterprises. Innovation is human knowledge and experience in the accumulation, use and optimize the process of flash wisdom. Knowledge management is the source of corporate competitiveness, freight companies only effective management of knowledge to be able to achieve their unique and innovative features that make a qualitative change in the freight system. Freight information to applications, information technology to gather information, processing and transmission as the focus. Management is intended primarily for business information, namely the explicit knowledge. Only "so that the information became the basis of the way of action", without giving information by individuals or organizations the role of knowledge itself transformed into a more effective behavior. However, the information management staff after receiving the information, it must be combined with their own work experiences, lessons learned, reflection, behavioral decision making. For the same kind of information, different people will make different decisions, different decisions will produce different results. Thus, the experience of the staff, the lessons and the way of thinking and other tacit knowledge plays a substantial impact on business decisions. These invisible, intangible tacit knowledge freight information can not be collected by the use of information technology. At the same time, employees are difficult to use cargo freight information system reference for other staff experience and work skills, knowledge reuse and knowledge innovation. In order to provide a more valuable cargo decision-knowledge, to improve staff knowledge and operational efficiency, companies must take advantage of implicit in the minds of tacit knowledge, not only to its visual, canonical form in the freight system transmission, but also play a role in order to tap their knowledge of information hidden tacit knowledge, true knowledge sharing. This management concept of conversion requirements management object from explicit knowledge to tacit knowledge mainly oriented to that transition to a knowledge management. Third, the freight enterprise knowledge management efficacy of freight companies in the freight information must be based on knowledge management gradually moving towards the road, take full advantage of the role of knowledge management in order to forge ahead on the road to competitive pressures frequency l of today. Freight companies achieve high-quality knowledge management, for enterprises to bring the following promotion, thereby improving the overall level of the freight business. ? 0? 2 1. shorten transportation time, optimize freight programs 1. freight companies because freight activity itself, speed limit information exchange and file transfer speed, the time required to complete a long freight activities, and by human factors. With the concept of knowledge management in the application of the trucking industry, supply companies, distribution, customer demand and other information will be to choose the best solutions through knowledge management platforms, or to find the best solution generated by the practices from the knowledge base, to achieve effective customer response and scientific decision-making. Professional moving service first 2. Enhance the ability of enterprises to adapt to cargo freight companies to implement effective knowledge management can enhance the external adaptability of enterprises. First, knowledge-based freight management business through the construction of suitable communication and knowledge sharing among employees of the corporate culture, can reduce or avoid losses caused due to the frequent movement of personnel. Second, companies conduct regular staff training to encourage employees to learn and constantly update and deepen knowledge. Again, business knowledge and experience will facilitate complementary staff together to jointly develop, thus accelerating the commercialization of knowledge. Finally, we continue to absorb new information and new knowledge, freight companies to stand front of the times, ready to adjust its direction to enhance the ability to adapt to the external environment. 3. The integration of information, supply chain information integration stage freight, freight system to achieve the integration of its functions, it is possible to individual needs of customers to respond quickly. The freight of knowledge management is on this basis, through knowledge exchange platform to achieve the integration of knowledge and shipping functions to respond flexibly to the needs of individual customers, and enhance the company's competitive advantage. Although freight information stage freight network through the system to achieve the exchange and sharing of information in the supply chain, but all aspects of information exchange is often reflected as a one-way communication rather than the two-way communication. Most of all aspects of the freight system focus on internal information management and internal knowledge accumulation, rarely take the initiative to provide internal knowledge, but also other aspects of tacit knowledge can not be obtained, the exchange of content with the performance of various aspects of information-based rather than knowledge-based . 4. optimize resources, improve service levels mostly traditional freight companies need to provision large-scale warehouse facilities. Our freight companies exist in loosely organized, large institutions, it is difficult to improve freight service level issues. In order to ensure timely, accurate, safe and cost-effectively serve the needs of those commodities, the need for rational planning of existing freight business and technological innovation. ? Application of knowledge management platform, according to supply and demand characteristics of the freight shipping business products will be interspersed throughout, they belong to different systems of freight facilities, resources connected through the virtual enterprise, through scientific planning and restructuring, play cargo facility and service advantages, expand service radius and goods distribution space, supply chain management to improve service levels. ? In the knowledge economy, outstanding knowledge management capability is the key to the formation of inimitable competitive advantage, higher knowledge management capability is the rapid acquisition and transfer of new knowledge base. Therefore, freight companies to be good to explore their own potential for knowledge management, the use of effective knowledge management, knowledge management level from the existing vendors, IT and management level conditions and take appropriate measures to gradually promote enterprise knowledge management process my limited logistics The company is by the city. Municipal Transport Board approved the Transport Company Limited. is a professional road transport moving. specializing in Ningbo prefecture road to national long-distance cargo vehicle cargo to and from the combined transport company with gondola . Gaolan car. fully enclosed vehicle Container car. Goods vehicles special vehicles, large-tonnage semi-trailer, car abundant supply firm, business is strong, powerful carrier, price, service in place, and domestic customers and many The transport enterprises to maintain good business contacts. Aetna Ningbo Logistics Limited (13566529420,26297257 Mr. Yi, QQ: 1398131784) -------------------- We sincerely for your service - your satisfaction is our greatest pursuit! ------------ 
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