Aetna Ningbo Logistics Limited (Mr. 13,566,529,420 Yi 26297257 QQ: 1398131784) is the approval by the Municipal Transportation Authority franchise road lanes moving / company since its inception always adhere to the standardized management, human services, to Rao Feng, pragmatic , prudent management style, always fulfill their commitments, so as to expand the development of enterprises laid a solid foundation, through our continued efforts have established a complete management mechanism and service system, and "high-quality, safe and efficient" service the company quickly the community widely recognized, after 10 years of trials and tribulations, has now developed into a struggle with a number of vehicles 10T, 8T, 5T, 12m, 10m, 9.6m, 7.2m large truck and the city's modern small lift truc..Read more
  • Mr. Yu: Easy fairing (Mr.)
    Tel: 0794 26297257
    Fax: 0794 56161569
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